Knit Hoods for Joyce at Art Basel Hong Kong

In 2011, I was commissioned by Joyce, a high end clothing retailer based in Asia, to create a series of work for their growing art collection. They display contemporary artists’ work in a number of their stores, and I was excited by the opportunity to have my work included in their collection. The result of this commission was my Anatomical Knit Hood Series. This past May, Joyce decided to debut my work at one of their flagship stores for the 1st ever Art Basel Hong Kong. I have to say, I’m honored and delighted. As an artist it’s always thrilling to see your work out of the studio and existing in an actual living, breathing space. I’ve always found clothing retail spaces (and art fairs for that matter) to be both beautiful and complicated; eliciting desire in the spaces between fiber, the body, and commerce. And given that all those themes are present in this series, I think this is a poignant venue in which to showcase the work. See for yourself:





About Ben Cuevas

Ben Cuevas is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary artist whose work spans a wide range of mediums including installation, sculpture, fiber, photography, video, performance, and sound. Often incorporating several of these elements into any given piece, he makes use of digital media as a means of documentation. In light of its pluralistic qualities, he sees his work as a reflection on the condition of embodiment, exploring what it means to have a body, to inhabit a body, to be a body incarnated in, and interacting with this world.


  1. Rebecca

    This exhibit makes me think about the body as actually being a number of “different” bodies, all superimposed upon and intertwined with each other . Exploring each one individually as an artistic point of reference is a very profound and interesting approach. Showing them in a clothing store makes me think of these various “bodies” as various layers of “clothing” in which our souls are clothed. Which then comes back to the deeper unspoken question: who are we really, anyway? Thank you for this beautiful, profound, and insightful work.

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