1. Rozanne Moran

    August 26, 2010

    Hello Ben Cuevas,

    We met at the Wassaic Project. I was very knocked out by the “physical” theme of your knitting. I am a retired Speech Pathologist and really love all the anatomy and physiology of the human body “stuff”. What a great mix of wool/anatomy/art. Thank you.

    Enough about that. My family also has a farm in Amenia. We started out with sheep and wool products. I have some wool skeins left over from an order I filled, that you might be interested in for your art work. I would love to send you a skein to see what you think. These skeins were made from our sheep (Romney blend) from a mill in Maine. They are natural color and well suited fior dying.

    If you are interested, e-mail me with an address…..and I will send it to you,

    Rozanne Moran

  2. Gaz

    Nice work.

    Just wondered if you know about Ravelry? (maybe your a member already?)

    two groups you may like are:
    Men who knit
    nekkid knitters

    I’d send you an invite from the groups but would need an email address for that – but if you join (are a member) you can search for the groups

    my Rav id is : dragonlord666

  3. HOla Ben,
    My name is Zulay and i am the artistic director of a non profit cultural arts center named LatinoArts Inc., in Milwaukee Wisconsin which is part of the United Community Center.
    I love your work and would like to contact you for the possibility of participating in an upcoming arts exhibit in our gallery that we are having in partnership with UW-Madison Medical School March 3rd 2011 called Latin American Foodways Exhibit. i would be happy to exchange info with you at your nearest convinience and we can talk about this and future posibilities. This piece in particular I would be very interested in exhibiting it in March if its possible. please contact me at 1 414 384 3100 or direct line is 1 414 389 4731. I have a facebook page it zulay febres-cordero sanchez-vegas oszkay.
    we can be friends if you like. saludos y hope to hear from you.

  4. Meg Tipton Susce

    Hi Ben,

    I found pictures of your knitted skeleton (not the whole installation) on My friends and I on (come visit sometime!) admired your work and much discussion ensued, especially about the significance of the Borden’s milk. 🙂 Thanks for clearing that up on your website. Awesome job!

    Sincerely, Meg

  5. Hi Ben,

    Your work is so inspired and great fun to explore online. I hope to see it in person one day. If you’re not on Ravelry, we’d love to have you on there.

    Continued succcess,
    Michael Wade
    WonderMike on Ravelry
    Fiber Beat, host & producer

  6. Annabel Moore

    I recently done a knitted project garment inspired by the body and now Im going a 10 min presentation about your knitted work for my college project.
    Could you answer this questions for me it would really help.

    Do you see you work as being beautiful or is your work functional?
    Is there any cultural and historical influences?

    Thank You
    P.s I really think your work is amazing.

    Annabel Moore

  7. Hey! Someone just sent me a link to the picture of your knittted heart, which is beautiful. One month ago I had a heart transplant and knitting has been a huge part of my recovery, keeping me busy and productive. I am a beginner knitter and was wondering if you had a pattern I could follow to recreate the heart. I completely understand if you’re not willing to give up your secrets, but I figure it’s worth a try :). Thanks! Maya

    • Hi Maya,

      Congratulations on your recovery! I’m glad knitting is helping you through. Unfortunately I’m not currently releasing patterns for any of my knit body parts.

      Thanks for the lovely comment.

      All the best,

  8. Wonderfull – the whole skeleton, the intestines, I’m pleased.
    Since about two months I work just for me to increase my love to my body –
    I began with the gullet and went the long way down until the end… liver, stomach, etc….
    Difficult to form the pelvis and all the bones…

    By the time of knitting I’m becoming more and more thankful for the wonder of life.

    And by hazard I looked for pictures to knitted brain etc. in the www and I found your brilliant work.
    Congratulations and I’m looking foreward in seeing what you do next

    Monika Amadea

  9. Hello, We’d like to publish a few photos of your knitted skeletons in the next issue of Knitting Today magazine. For this purpose, we need high resolution (300-400dpi) jpegs. The deadline is June 8, so if you are not able to send the photos, please let me know.

    Also, I’d like to ask you a few questions about your work to add to the story.


    Marina Salume, Crafting Editor
    Knitting Today Magazine
    4000 Shoreline Ct, #400
    South San Francisco, CA 94080

  10. Wow.

    Hi Ben,
    I am a pediatric chiropractor who is always looking for fun anatomical pieces for all of my kiddo patients to get hands on play time with. I just saw your knitted skeleton and body organs photograph on a Facebook site and I have to find out if you sell these! I would love the information on it if so. So incredibly unique and what a talent you are!

    Dr. Kyna Wilson, DC

  11. Linda Soroka

    There are many people in our knitting community on Facebook who would love the challenge of creating the knitted skeleton. I see in an earlier post that you are not releasing any patterns at this time. Or at least when the post was made. However I will keep a watch on your site. There are a few who would love to have the pattern and create this item to donate to the schools in their area. Please post if and when you ever decide to sell your patterns so that many of us who are knitters but not designers can have the opportunity to purchase them. thanks and Awesome work!

  12. Alison

    Hi Ben
    If by any chance you read this , I teach science in a primary school,in a small rural town in England and would love to knit the skull from your skeleton, would you be willing to give me the pattern . There is no way I would manage the whole fantastic skeleton but I could attempt the skull , thanks

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